Top quality lace
for customers around the world

We are the leading contractor in the global lace industry. We supply a variety of lace products to suit seasonal fashion requirements.

Top quality

Our highly-specialised machines and expert operators
create a range of the finest lace bearing the prestigious ‘Made in Germany’ label.

Setting our sights high

We keep raising the bar year by year.
We rise to the challenge of changing fashion and are spurred on by the exacting specifications of our customers.

About SPIGA – lace and curtain manufacturers

We supply customers worldwide.
We have customers on every continent who know and value our high production standards.
We work with hi-tech machinery.
Our factory is equipped with the most advanced lace-making machinery supplied by Karl Mayer. We constantly strive to stay abreast of technological advances in our industry.
We supply only top-quality lace.
Since we only process selected materials and employ the best-qualified specialists from our region, we can guarantee top quality every time.